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Friday, September 28, 2012

I would have written a fourth

Goliath (Leviathan, #3)Goliath by Scott Westerfeld
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is a time of inventions and fabrications. In some neutral territories the lines between Clankers (those who favor steam and mechanical inventions) and Darwinists (those who think creating creatures and mixing DNA hold the future) are blurring. Alek and Dylan are caught in the middle trying to sort out their own loyalties. An inventor—Mr. Tesla himself--enters the scene and scrambles things further. Fortunately the secrets are unraveled in Goliath, so you’ll find the book hard to put down once you start.

This is the third and final book of the Leviathan trilogy. I thought it was a bit long-winded at times and the ending was a little too happily-ever-after for me (I think I would have extended some of the struggles and suspense for a fourth book). Still, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others—older middle grade and up as there are some things in the book that might be better understood by someone a little older.

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I wouldn't classify it as Sci-fi

The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau works behind the scenes arranging people's fate. But David Norriss wants to control his own fate. He manages to catch the Bureau in the act of "adjusting" his fate and is threatened to never speak of it and to stay away from a woman he has just met. The Bureau attempts to enforce this separation but Norriss avoids them and foils their varied efforts. I was expecting a sci-fi thriller, but instead found romantic and religious mush. Was it a stab at the Greek gods, God, a debate personified, or the visual musings of the existence of any supreme being. It really wasn't worth my time or money.