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Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking back

Not more than two years ago, I was thinking that reading was unproductive. All my life I have loved reading, but after I had kids I somehow convinced myself that my precious time could not be wasted with useless reading. Then I researched becoming a writer and found “good writers are avid readers.” Uh-oh. So I read books 5-7 of Harry Potter and wasn’t sure where to go next. I tried Debbie Macomber, but I’m just not a Chick Lit girl.

Thankfully, Facebook had the answer. As I reconnected with old friends, I discovered I really enjoy military and police thrillers (Clive Cussler, James R. Hannibal, Michael Angley). Thus began the resolution to read a book each month and post a review—to prove I had read the book, tell friends about great new authors, and to hone my writing skills.

If I read one book each month over the last year, I would have read twelve books. I reviewed my blog and surpassed my goal with fourteen books read and reviewed! Ok, I read a couple that I didn’t review, but I have definitely rediscovered my love for reading. Military and police thrillers, nonfiction, children’s, middle grade, and fantasy—it’s been a lot of fun. I also discovered that some publishing companies (Thomas Nelson Booksneeze.com, Water Brook Multnomah Bloggingforbooks.com) will give you free books if you will blog your review. After getting a new phone this year, I downloaded the Kindle app and enjoy free books through the Vessel Project. Thanks to these resources, I think my love for reading is on the verge of obsession.

I’m looking forward to another year filled with reading and writing. You can also find my reviews on Amazon.com, Christianbook.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Goodreads.com under Jenny Rose.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Quit!: Stop Pretending Everything Is Fine and Change Your LifeI Quit!: Stop Pretending Everything Is Fine and Change Your Life by Geri Scazzero

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Quit! Stop Pretending Everything is Fine and Change your Life by Geri Scazzero

This book is for those who think they have to live two lives: the Christian one and the other one. This book is for those who think they have to put on a Christian fa├žade. This book is for those who think the Christian life is all about sacrifice. This book is for those who think the Christian life is fake. I also think this book is for adults with self-esteem issues.

I originally saw this book advertized in a MOPs magazine. When it became available free on Kindle, I downloaded it. While the things Scazzero was doing as a pastor’s wife and mother, she did them because she had to and she felt should “rather than a gift freely given. [She] mistakenly believed [she] didn’t have a choice.” All of us can get burned out doing things we think we should, because other people think we should, or because we think we have to. This book is about identifying falsehoods, errors in thinking, while identifying God’s call on our life and reclaiming our identity in Christ—the person God has called us to be.

Some have commented that this book does not show a balanced view between sacrifice and putting others first while saying no when necessary and appropriate. Some have commented that this book is too personal and the author vents and rants too much like a therapy session. I will agree that some of her examples and comments seem a little over the top. But rarely can you take 100% of a self-help type book and apply it exactly as the author describes. We are different people with different circumstances. Glean what you can and apply as best fits your situation.

I could relate to many of the examples Scazzero cited as well as the warning signs she mentions. Bottom line—the author is trying to communicate that we shouldn’t be so worried about what others think of us to completely ignore all our wants and needs and be fake just to make others happy. If we are unhappy, we need to identify why—this alone could be difficult and be a bigger, deeper issue than what it would seem.

I also think this is the best book I have read that can help adults with self-esteem issues.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you liked A Wrinkle in Time

On the Run (Elijah Project)On the Run by Bill Myers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On the Run by Bill Myers

Sixteen year-old Zach Dawkins and his thirteen year-old sister Piper are on their way to school with their six year-old little brother Elijah when they witness an accident. A little girl chasing after her run away puppy are both hit by a car. While all eyes are on the little girl, little Elijah picks up the puppy, sits on a curb rocking and whispering. Piper realizes Elijah is not with them and sees him on the curb with the puppy. She’s not the only one. A TV news van arrives on the scene and captures, to Piper’s horror, the lifeless puppy get up. It’s happened—again.

Thus begins an adventure of three kids on the run from an organization that has been tracking Elijah. In the process, they are separated from their parents who are kidnapped by the same organization. The henchmen chasing the kids are comical almost to the point of cartoonish. Throw in a bus ride, crazy inventions and hot-wiring an RV and you have the makings of an exciting adventure.

This is a hard-to-put-down read. If you enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time, you will love this as well.

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