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Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking back

Not more than two years ago, I was thinking that reading was unproductive. All my life I have loved reading, but after I had kids I somehow convinced myself that my precious time could not be wasted with useless reading. Then I researched becoming a writer and found “good writers are avid readers.” Uh-oh. So I read books 5-7 of Harry Potter and wasn’t sure where to go next. I tried Debbie Macomber, but I’m just not a Chick Lit girl.

Thankfully, Facebook had the answer. As I reconnected with old friends, I discovered I really enjoy military and police thrillers (Clive Cussler, James R. Hannibal, Michael Angley). Thus began the resolution to read a book each month and post a review—to prove I had read the book, tell friends about great new authors, and to hone my writing skills.

If I read one book each month over the last year, I would have read twelve books. I reviewed my blog and surpassed my goal with fourteen books read and reviewed! Ok, I read a couple that I didn’t review, but I have definitely rediscovered my love for reading. Military and police thrillers, nonfiction, children’s, middle grade, and fantasy—it’s been a lot of fun. I also discovered that some publishing companies (Thomas Nelson Booksneeze.com, Water Brook Multnomah Bloggingforbooks.com) will give you free books if you will blog your review. After getting a new phone this year, I downloaded the Kindle app and enjoy free books through the Vessel Project. Thanks to these resources, I think my love for reading is on the verge of obsession.

I’m looking forward to another year filled with reading and writing. You can also find my reviews on Amazon.com, Christianbook.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Goodreads.com under Jenny Rose.

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