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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Great Book and an unintentional NYR

Well, I seem to be well on my way to reading at least one book per month--not a bad way to spend a year. I finished Mike Angley's Child Finder: Resurrection. Wow! The first installment of this trilogy was really good; and this one is even better. The excitement starts from the very first page and doesn't stop. This time the danger level is increased with a psychic serial killer who can shut out O'Donnell and spy on him and his family. The paranormal activity adds an element of fantasy, but the military angle makes it believable. This is a thrill ride that will keep you hanging on for dear life. I even cried a few times.

Mike Angley is an amazing new author. I have heard that the third installment in the Child Finder trilogy is mind-blowing. Hmm, can I handle it?

Did I mention that I WON Child Finder AND Child Finder: Resurrection? Go to http://www.childfinder.us/ OR http://www.mikeangley.com/ to find out how you too can win a SIGNED Mike Angley book.

Now onto Clive Cussler's Mediterranean Caper ...

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  1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for the nice post about my book, and for leaving a great review for me on Amazon and B&N!