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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pirates: The Midnight Passage by James R. Hannibal

I've been reading a few books over the past month. Island Ghost by Janet Randall (circa 1970) was a nice little adventure for girls. I didn't get past the first chapter of The Secret of Crossbone Hill by Wilson Gage (circa 1960). Then I enjoyed The Adventures of Long John Silver by Denis Judd which is a prequel to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Honestly, this was all just killing time until I could get my hands on Pirates: The Midnight Passage by James R. Hannibal. It is a good old fashioned adventure that changed my view of pirates. When I thought of pirates, I thought of swashbuckling sword fights and murderous captains. No more. I have since discovered that Long John Silver didn't enjoy killing. Even Blackbeard asked permission before commanding a ship and its crew.

Jim Thatcher was different still. He valued life far above gold doubloons. He only killed for self-defense and when no other option was available. His first loyalty was to the crown of England, though that loyalty was shaken when the crown refused to recognize the letters of marque of the privateers. It was then that the lost treasure of Captain Morgan appealed to Captain Thatchr so that he and his men could buy their pardons and redeem their reputations before the crown.

Obtaining the map to the lost treasure was only the beginning of many deadly dangers that Jim Thatcher and the crew of the Adventure must survive. Underground water ways, strange gases, ancient puzzles, strange riddles, and forgotten civilizations await this band of pirates.

James R. Hannibal does a great job of describing the action. You'll swear you can see the gold glitter, hear the wind and water, feel the fire, and smell the ... you'll have to read it for yourself. What a thrill ride! Incredible! Suspenseful, vivid, humorous ... Pirates : The Midnight Passage is like a cross between National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. Hmmm, this sounds like an interesting read! I should put this on my reading list. I have the same preconceptions about pirates as you (before you read this book). I normally don't read books like this but you make it sound so good!

  2. Thank you, Rose. It is SO good! If I didn't have a huge To Be Read stack, I would read it again!

    I will say that some of the info I learned about Long John Silver, Blackbeard, and Captain Morgan (it's not just a rum, lol) I did as background research for this book review.