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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can I do that?

In 2003, I started getting bored with walking. I dabbled in jogging and by early 2007 I got curious about 5K's. Could a former nerd who got B's in P.E. do a 5K? Now I have never been athletic. NEVER. Never played a sport. Never ran. Never jogged much except Junior High P.E.

I looked into various 5K's over the years and tried different training programs. I didn't relish driving into downtown Dallas at 6AM or running in the heat of Texas summer. Seven-day-a-week training schedules didn't work for this stay-at-home-mom. Then I stumbled upon the Couch-to-5K. Three-days-a-week I can do. While I wasn't a couch potato, being a non-runner and a busy mom, this program really appealed to me.

This year, 2010, Lantana held its first 5K. My own "backyard." I can do that.

I did. This morning--September 25, 2010--I finally accomplished my goal to complete a 5K. I wasn't fast. I finished in 33:48, 25th in my age group, 167th overall. But I did it!

So now what? Beat my time in another 5K. Use up my personal training appointments and move on to boot camps and martial arts. I want to see if I can take my fitness, my new-found "athleticism," to the next level and get my brown belt.

Yep, I think I can do that.

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