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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

grew overnight

A school day a couple years ago, my older daughter went to put on a pair of pants that she had only worn a week ago, and on this day she couldn’t get them on. They were too small. We quickly went through the rest of the pants in her closet to find there was only one pair that still fit. One pair. I sent her off to school and I went on a search for pants that would fit. In most stores, those pants were out of season. It took me a while to find her some clothes to get her through the remainder of the season.

As I watched the clearance racks in the children’s section, an idea struck me. What if as clothes go out of season and go on sale I stock up on future sizes and future seasons? Sometimes things that are normally $10 will be priced as low as $2. Over the last two to three years this has served me well and my kids have not run out of clothes since!

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