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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I run

I have registered for my first 10K (a.k.a. 5mi uptown Oct 22, 2011), am getting ready to run the Dallas White Rock 5 person relay with 4 wonderful women, and I asked myself why? Initially I thought about running when my older daughter was about 18 months (she’s 9 now) and was bored with walking a stroller every day. Next, I wondered if I COULD complete a 5K—after all, I’m no athlete. Somewhere along the way I noticed some health benefits. I also came across a self-defense site (James R. Hannibal's self-defense site) that recommended running as a line of self-defense. The catch is having more endurance than your attacker. Suddenly, images from TV shows and movies of women running over various terrain away from their attackers replayed in my mind.

I’ve come a long way from only running down hill with a stroller and the Couch-to-5k-program. I don’t know if I’m classified as an athlete, but … Oh all right. I’ll admit it.


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