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Friday, April 27, 2012

Everybody's doing it: My opinion on the Hunger Games

I had already seen the buzz among my peers about the Hunger Games. I wasn’t really interested. I already had a big to-be-read stack. Then my older daughter (9yrs) came home telling me that lots of kids in her class were reading it. I promised her I would read a little and then let her know what I thought. I read the sample on my kindle and still wasn’t interested. I told her I didn’t like it and that I didn’t feel it was age appropriate for her. Still my daughter was persistent and even started writing us proposals. I made her a deal and a list. I told her if she read at least one book from each series on the list (and I knew there would be some series in which she would read more than one) that I would reconsider my decision. When I compiled the list and counted the number of books in each series, the total was more 100! Even if she doesn’t read every book, there are still eight different series for her to explore. My daughter is satisfied, at least for now. Though I think she’s looking forward to a day when she can convince me to let her read Hunger Games, in the mean time there will be many more moments like this. Sure some may say I’m over-protective; but really there’s a lot of books to read, a lot of movies to see and Hunger Games is neither the last book nor the last movie on the planet … yet.


  1. For once, a series without anything occultish is popular among kids. But it is quite violent and dark, in my opinion not appropriate for a nine year old. I applaud your decision and your creative approach!