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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My reaction to some of the women's ministry blogs

http://modernreject.com/2012/01/why-i-dont-like-womens-ministry/ http://www.kareneyates.com/ I’ve been taking on more leadership in our women’s ministry, which there are days I find that so ironic I have to laugh out loud. You see, I don’t like women. Ok, let me clarify. I don’t like the stereotype “woman” as painted by the media, society, and “church.” Dresses. Lace. Pink. Flowers. Romance. Romantic comedies. Victorian. Teddy Bears. Scrapbooking. Jewelry. Heels. BLEH! Give me jeans, t-shirts, black, grey, sci-fi, action, adventure, martial arts, cars, trucks, guns … I have also recently discovered a bit of hidden athleticism so if I could live in running clothes and tennis shoes, I think I would. But sadly, I’ve met women—in and out of “church”—who were judgemental, critical, and competitive. If I didn’t fit their picture of good mom, good wife, or good woman I felt disapproval. I’m sure some of this has been my personal perception, but some has been very real. I think thanks to society, media and even “church,” women have trouble embracing differences—but why? Do we need to change our thinking? Our perspective? Our reaction?

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