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Friday, November 13, 2009

Breaking out of the box

One of the things I have learned from working with kids, nobody fits in a box. I got my BA in Elem Ed. I was sure God called me to teach 3rd grade and would never teach preschool. So, I taught preschool for 4 1/2 years. I have watched parents and teachers label children and make predictions and assumptions based on those labels, all under the impression they were helping the child. (Now, I'm not saying kids shouldn't be tested [when necessary] for challenges [such as dyslexia, ADD, etc.] and then help them learn to overcome those challenges)
I have found that people, young and old, can be refreshingly unpredictable. Picture if you will pioneer times when they would cook in a large pot over a fire. We are like that pot on the fire of life. We are a unique, maybe even weird, mix of genes, nature, nurture, and time. When and where I grew up there were limits to what I could try. When and where my girls are growing up, they have so many opportunities: art, sports, dance, gymnastics, etc. And there are teachers out there who are willing to work with students just because they love what they do and are not preoccupied just divine talent. I am trying to be careful not to overwhelm my girls or myself with trying everything; we're pacing ourselves. But there's no reason we should limit ourselves to what we've always done or what our parents or grandparents did or just what everyone else is doing--stretch, grow and have fun!
But, I think sometimes I try to put God in a box, too. I'll be going along, same ol'-same ol', then there's a pleasant surprise. "Wow, God is amazing!"--but then I think about that. Well, of course, God is amazing--He's GOD! As humans we try to keep God in the box of our finite mind, but He doesn't fit. He's God and He's bigger than our finite minds can ever imagine. Maybe what's amazing is what He's been able to do with small, insignificant me.
Let's Breakout!


  1. I love the idea of "Breaking out!" I just had this same conversation with my husband today. Thanks for being the voice to confirm what I sensed God saying to me. Blessings!

  2. Wow! Thank you for reading. And thank you for letting me know how God is using me. I hope you are doing well.