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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lord, help me be imperfect

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Mary Poppins--Practically perfect in every way. Mary Poppins I am not. I'm not perfect, I'm not even practically perfect. Surprising, I know. I remember the time in highschool when I shared with a classmate that I still struggled to tell time with an analog watch or clock--her jaw dropped. Or the time I returned to school after my driving test. Another of my classmates asked how I did, I said I failed. He was started to act annoyed that of course I passed, when he realized I said I failed--surprise, surprise.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the point of those lessons then. Maybe I was a people-pleaser and being good and perfect made people--especially adults. Maybe, for some strange reason, I didn't understand that it's ok to be wrong. Who knows, who cares. Several years ago I finally did get it--I'm not perfect, I don't have to be perfect, nobody is perfect.

But really, isn't that the point of Jesus? We aren't perfect. We need Jesus. We can't do it on our own. Forget about getting into heaven, we can't even survive this life without some help.

But it isn't just about needing Jesus. Sometimes it's about needing people. For a brief moment I thought aobut taking up guitar to learn to play some children's songs. Then I realized that I barely have time to do the things I want and need to do now, without adding something else into the mix. That's all right. That's why God brings people into our lives who have the talents and gifts we lack.

Dear Lord, help me be imperfect

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