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Monday, May 20, 2013

I got a little lost in the sea

The Digital SeaThe Digital Sea by Thomas K. Carpenter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The year is 2052 and everyone is living in a virtual reality. It's not quite like Matrix where no one is actually doing anything. People are viewing the world via virtual reality implants or glasses and the government encourages it by making sure to issue older, base models to even the down people and places so everyone can view themselves and the world however their imagination wishes.

There is concern that the world is becoming over populated. Someone is starting wars all over in order to manage this issue. Jartelle the journalist wants to find out who for his next big story. Zel accepts the challenge of finding out who and stopping them because she is desperate for money to save her daughter. Mekena is caught up in a kidnapping ring while trying to save some boys from being enslaved as soldiers.

While the ideas are interesting—a VR implant which allows you to manipulate your view of the world and also use the internet more readily. But with at least six different characters each in their own scene all operating in a realm called the Digital Sea, sometimes I got lost and couldn't follow the storyline.

Due to some graphic scenes and sexual situations, I would only recommend this to adults.

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