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Friday, March 11, 2011

A great book on prayer

Obama Prayer: Prayers for the 44th PresidentObama Prayer: Prayers for the 44th President by Charles M. Garriott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Obama Prayer by Charles M. Garriott covers twelve ways in which we can pray specifically for President Obama. He addresses prayer, reverence, direction, wisdom, words, favor, family, truth, protection, justice, mercy, and friends in the twelve chapters. The prologue talks about the purpose of prayer and how we need to have a proper view and attitude toward prayer itself before we can presume to pray for someone or something in particular.

Garriott consistently points back to what the scriptures say about God and leadership instead of trying to find positive and or negative aspects of Obama’s campaign and job as President. God is constant and the scriptures consistent even when we are unsure of man. God is in control regardless of who holds the office of president.

This is not the prayer book I was expecting. I was impressed with Garriott’s presentation and while this book was written specifically with President Obama in mind, the overall concepts can be applied to others in leadership. If you can look past the specific references to Obama to the bigger picture of prayer in general, one could even use this as a guidebook for personal prayer time.

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I received this book free from the publisher to read and give and honest review.

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