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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Popsugar fitness from Tuesday 5/19 – strength training

Since I did cardio on Monday, Tuesday I looked for workouts that were designed for building strength or using resistance. Here's what I found:

10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar
While I like that this video is only 10 minutes and uses no equipment, there is a side plank move that bothered my shoulder (granted this shoulder is one of my weak joints that I have to be mindful of), so fair warning this one could be hard on some joints. Also, my abs have never been strong (probably my weakest muscle), and they are getting stronger, but I found the runners crunch to be particularly challenging.
Would I do this one again? No

10-Minute Body Toning Workout With Weights | Class FitSugar
I found this challenging in a good way. I felt a bit of a twinge in my shoulder during one of the exercises, but for now I’m chalking that up to the exercise in the previous workout. Some moves in this video were similar to P90X so I’m impressed they fit a whole body workout into 10 minutes (since P90X workouts are at least 1 hour long).

Would I do this one again? Yes

CrossFit Workout With Weights | Full-Body Exercise | Class FitSugar

I’ve been curious about CrossFit so I figured I’d check this one out. The Man Makers were difficult (think burpees with weights and thrusters), but I still pushed through.

Would I do this one again? Yes, I’d give it another try.

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